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We offer to your attention Austria travel Guide: where to go, what to see.

Austria travel Guide: practical information

Official name: Austria (German: Österreich)

Capital: Vienna

Language: German

Religion: 78% Roman Catholic

Currency: Euro

Visa: Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and US citizens can stay for a period of up to ninety days with a valid passport without a visa but if you intend staying for a period which extends this, you will need to obtain a visa before travelling.

Citizens of South Africa are among the nationalities that do need a visa to enter Austria and this should be obtained from the Austrian Embassy in advance of travelling.
Austria Sights and Museums.

What to see

The Spanish Riding School, Vienna: It offers a unique opportunity to see the Lippizaner horses perform dressage to classical music. Taking place at the Imperial Palace every Sunday between March and November, this is a truly amazing show which will leave you wondering about your own dancing skills, or lack thereof. It’s the only school of its kind in the world making it well worth a visit.

Hohe Tauern National Park: This park has over one thousand square metres and covers parts of three of Austria’s regions — Carinthia, Salzburg and East Tyrol. There are numerous hiking trails where you can catch glimpses of deer, chamois, ibex, mountain goats and a host of other fauna and flora. It is the perfect place to spend a couple of days getting in touch with nature.

Eisriesenwelt Caves: Located near the town of Werfen in the east of the country, these ice caves are the largest of their kind in the world. They consist of over forty kilometres of passageways where you will see numerous varieties of ice formations including waterfalls, glaciers, columns and towers. They are open between May and October and it is worth noting that even in summer the temperature inside the caves never rises above one degree Celsius so it is quite a good idea to wear warm clothes for your explorations among the ice.

The Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Walk) Visitor Centre, Innsbruck: It is home to the most expensive crystal that money can buy, the Swarovski Kristallwelten. The museum itself opened in 1998 and as well as the crystal collections, is home to works of art by Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali.

Austria travel Guide

The KunstHausWien, Vienna: Created by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, this wacky museum is like something from ‘Alice in Wonderland'. Colour is used in abundance in both the décor and the contemporary art which is on display making a visit a really uplifting experience and a welcome change from the norm. Also located to the even crazier Hunertwasser House which is also well worth checking out.

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Austria Entertainment


Public holidays in Austria are the following:

  • January 1 — New Year’s Day- Neujahr
  • January 6 — Epiphany Heilige Drei Könige — Varies Easter Sunday Ostersonntag
  • Good Friday — work-free for Protestants — Varies Easter Monday Ostermontag
  • May 1 — Staatsfeiertag also, Labour day Varies Ascension Christi Himmelfahrt Thursday 40 days after Easter Varies Pentecost Pfingstsonntag Varies Whit Monday Pfingstsonntag Varies Corpus Christi Fronleichnam Thursday 11 days after Pentecost
  • August 15 — Assumption of Mary Mariae — Himmelfahrt
  • October 26 — National day — Nationalfeiertag Declaration of Neutrality was adopted in 1955
  • November 1 — All Saints — Allerheiligen
  • December 8 — Immaculate Conception Mariä Empfängnis
  • December 24 — Holy Evening — Heiliger Abend
  • December 25 — Christmas Christtag — Weihnachten
  • December 26 — St. Stephen’s Day — Stefanitag

Austria Transports

Rail. If you wish to travel by rail within the country, you will be able to use both Eurail and Interrail passes on all trains. And as well as these the national service also has its own discount passes. The Austrian Railpass allows three days of unlimited second-class travel within a fifteen-day period. It also allows a fifty per cent discount on bicycle rental at any train station and on Danube steamers.

Bus travel serves many destinations which are not covered by rail connections.

Railpasses are not valid on the national bus service, Bundes Buses, but you can buy avail of a discount by purchasing a Mehrfahrtenkarte which will get you six tickets for the price of five.

Bicycle travel is also extremely popular in Austria with most rail stations hiring bikes for about S150 or S90 with a valid ticket or pass. Once you hire a bicycle at one station you can return it at any participating station.

Thus, we have provided you the full Austria travel Guide. Come, you will like it!

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