Grottenbahn is a tourist fairy-tale world to the Pöstlingberg

Grottenbahn is a unique underground amusement Park, an isolated world, living their own magical life. The place is one of the main tourist attractions of Linz, Austria. The Park was opened over 100 years ago and still is popular with children and adults of tourists.

Alt Wiener Grottenbahn

Grottenbahn is located on mount Pestling in the tower of the old Fort. Tourists in Grottenbahn will be able to visit the dungeon of the dwarves, to visit little red riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty, as well as to meet this fairy-tale Kingdom other favorite childhood heroes. Moreover, the Park is a miniature layout area of Linz century ago in scale of one to seven.

Note that due to the unique fantastic lighting walk on Grottenbahn becomes even more fun.

Come and visit the world of fantasie!

Let yourself be spirited away into a different world. You and your children can experience a journey on the Dragon Train through the Land of Dwarves or against the backdrop of historic Linz.

The Cave Railway is the major tourist attraction of Upper Austria´s capital Linz. It was installed in 1906 in one of the seven Medieval hilltop Towers that once were part of a mighty fortification.

Prater Tip: The Altwiener Ghost Train is counted among the oldest and most known attractions in the Vienna Prater — this first electrically operated train was opened already in 1898. For nostalgics, there is no way around the Ghost Train.

Grottenbahn: Customer reviews

  1. While this attraction is more geared to young children, I really enjoyed my recent visit. Entry fee (around 5 euros) includes an indoor 'train' ride through tunnels featuring diaromas of fairytale scenes. The train does 3 loops — one featuring the scenes on the left, the next featuring scenes on the right and the final loop with all the (fairy) lights on which looks very magical. There is also a large section to walk through, which features many full-size fairytale scenes and the opportunity to push a button at each so you can hear the story and sound effects. Every well-known fairytale is featured. There is also a miniature village and a shop. Our party ranged from 82 years to 27 years and the attraction was enjoyed by all. A great rainy-day activity and a lovely family attraction. The site also boasts wonderful views of Linz.
  2. The little train travels through an underground dwarf world (10 minutes). Then you can walk through a model of Linz Hauptplatz in the 19th century. In the side streets are scenes from fairy tales. Explanations are in German and English. Booklets are available in English too. Finally, you leave via the gift shop, with little souvenirs and sweets.
  3. Badly disappointed not to have travelled on this cute little train, but arrived too late and on a Sunday when everything except cafes are closed- the whole town is so pretty; it would have been a great experience!
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