Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn is a veritable jewel on the edge of the city of Salzburg. The spacious park combines artificially landscaped park land and natural biotopes. The water games and trick fountains are a truly unique experience. Expect the unexpected and discover Hellbrunn!

Hellbrunn Palace

The ‘Lustschloss' was a pleasure palace built for staging festivities, for enjoyment and relaxation. Originally this was a privilege reserved for the archbishops, although today it’s open to anyone who wishes to stroll around the park, enjoy the fountains and hidden water jets, or celebrate in the magnificent halls of the palace.

400 years of ‘Schloss Hellbrunn' palace — A magical place for birthday festivities

The Salzburg Prince-Bishop Markus Sittikus ordered the building of a summer residence at the foot of the naturally irrigated hill in Hellbrunn between 1612 and 1615. During this relatively short period an architectural jewel was erected in the popular Italian style of the age. It is still considered one of the most splendid renaissance buildings on the northern side of the Alps. Its purpose was to foster the enjoyment of life, to provide pleasurable distractions and entertainment.


The 400-year anniversary of the complete work of art «Hellbrunn» is celebrated with an extensive presentation. The interactive permanent exhibition entitled «Markus Sittikus — My Worldview» focuses on the importance of Sittikus in the past and present. The main themes are domination — staging — interpretation.

Permanent exhibition in detail:

  • New audio guides
  • Multimedia installation of Carnival in 1618
  • Music room with the notes of the opera «L'Orfeo» by Monteverdi
  • Unicorn of the size of a horse
  • Interactive rotating sofa
  • Etc.

Great fun for all ages

From the very beginning water was a defining element in the design of the palace. The fountains and water jets can be enjoyed almost exactly the way they were intended 400 years ago — as entertainment for the archbishops — and still include secret and mystical grottos, water-powered figures and hidden jets of water around every corner.

A midsummer night’s dream

A balmy summer evening, the trickle and splash of water, bathed in lights and colours, the moon and the stars reflected in the ponds of Hellbrunn. What could be more magical than an evening tour of the fountains and hidden jets of Hellbrunn? From the 1st July until the 31st August these majestic displays can be enjoyed from 09:00 in the morning until 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 in the evening. This is a real midsummer night’s dream come true!

Europe’s oldest outdoor theatre


Markus Sittikus had the rock quarry in Hellbrunn transformed into what is now Europe’s oldest open-air theatre, subsequently known as the «Steintheater». The Hellbrunn «Monatsschlösschen», its real name being Waldems, gained its nickname from the reference to the amazingly short building period required.

Today it is home to the Volkskundemuseum run by the Salzburg Museum, where exhibits include a whole collection of Salzburg’s most attractive «Tracht» outfits for men and women.

Opening hours 2015
Trick fountains, palace, folklore museum.
April, October, until November 1: 9 am-4:30*pm
May, June, September: 9 am-5:30*pm
July, August: 9 am-6*pm
July, August: evening tours: 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm
*beginning of last tour (Guided Tours every half an hour)
duration of tour: trick fountains approx.40 min., palace approx. 40 min.

Admission fees 2015:
Guided tour of the trick fountains, palace with audio guide, folklore museum.
Adults € 10.50
Children and pupils (4−18 years) € 5.00
Students € 7.00
Groups of 20 adults or more € 8.50 per person
Families (2 adults and 1 child) € 25.00, every additional child € 2.00
One time free admission with the Salzburg Card!
Admission to park and orangery free

Combined ticket 2015: Zoo Salzburg, trick fountains, Hellbrunn palace, folklore museum
Adults € 19.50
Children (4−14 years) € 9.00
Family card (2 adults, 1 child) € 47.00
every additional child € 6.00
groups (adults) € 17.00
groups (children) € 8,70

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