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Vienna Planetarium is located in Vienna, Austria. This planetarium is considered one of the most modern planetariums in the world. Planetarium is a theatre built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the night sky, or for training in celestial navigation.


Equipped with the latest projection technique this «house of stars» creates a realistic copy of the star spangled sky making astronomy possible on days and nights no matter of the weather.

Adventure a magnificent artificial sky in fascinating multimedia shows, special shows for children and families, presentations and classes. Also cultural events, company presentations and your personal party will become an impressive memory in this atmosphere. Lean back and join us on a ride through the universe!

In 1927 the Vienna became the first place outside of Germany to have a planetarium. The modest wooden building was torn down again in 1928, and a new star theater in the Prater, Vienna’s big recreation and amusement park, opened its doors on December 4th, 1931.

Towards the end of World War II the projector was moved out of the city before the building suffered destruction. A new planetarium was built in the Kaisergarten, close to the giant Ferris wheel at the edge of the Prater, in 1962−64.

The planetarium works closely with the Urania Observatory. In 2002 a new ZEISS UNIVERSARIUM Mark IX in conjunction with the first Zeiss Universal Laser Image Projector (ZULIP) have been installed.

At the Vienna Planetarium, you will find the most modern star projector in the world, depicting the starry sky almost life-like in different «astro shows».

Vienna Planetarium: quick facts

Oswald-Thomas-Platz 1 (Riesenrad), 1020 Wien
  • +43 1 891 741 500 00
  • official website

About Vienna Planetarium

In addition, you can see stars, star clusters, galaxies and nebulas in their real colors, often glittering in a mysterious way.

More than 9,000 of these mysterious denizens of the sky are shown, many of them not even visible to the naked human eye. A unique laser image projector offers additional astronomical pictures, films and computer animation in brilliant colors. The universe — immediately adjacent to the Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad) — is fascinating …

The Planetarium is a «House of stars». With the latest projection technology, we faithfully recreate the starry sky on the dome to special shows. This enables weather-independent astronomy day and night.

Planetarium, Prater Vienna

Experience a magnificent artificial starry sky or fascinating multimedia shows, specialchildren’s and family programs, lectures and course evenings. But also cultural events, company presentations or personal party become an impressive event in this context.

Sit back and go with us on the journey through the universe!

Star watch with large telescopes in the clear sky above our heads, or regardless of the weather on the great dome of the Planetarium, this still interesting lectures, workshops, courses and cultural events — the three astronomical facilities in the Vienna adult education centres offer: Planetarium Vienna, Kuffner and Urania Observatory.

But that’s not all long. Take a tour of our event program and you will see there is much exciting, informative, family friendly and also entertaining.

We ask you to note the age recommendations. Special events for children are provided with individual age. We ask in their own interest the visit with younger children to refrain from.

Tip: evening events are usually not suitable for children under 10 or 12 years but adapted to adult listeners.

Visitors ' comments

  1. I expected the english exhibition, telescopes etc. But its all in German, no telescopes… Boring. I also don’t understand why children under 4 years old have to pay. It’s obviously not for them.
  2. We had pleased two astronomy enthusiasts on a pleasant evening in the Planetarium.
    Okay, granted, the technique is good. But, that you got a complete Lecture 'by the band’s for the price and by the presenters themselves, was not disappointing. We had decided for the lecture across the southern sky, since we already know a lotabout astronomy. Unfortunately very much general information what was told was at the 'lecture' and for our sensibilities too little southern sky.
    Very pity, but that has not convinced us to come again and also recommend I really can’t.
  3. It’s a typical Planetarium, looking upwards. That but the seats hold one of them…
    The day before was OK but sometimes choppy, for example «2004 a probe has landedon one of the moons of Jupiter. To explore him. The Saturn…» (Which is on the Moon? What has taken the probe?) For the price OK but nothing what I’ll make again.
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