Praterturm is the new landmark of the Prater and of Vienna

The Praterturm is the new landmark of the Prater and of Vienna. Build in 2010 its height of 117 meters makes it the highest flying swing in the world.


It is a symbol for all the modern high-tech buildings that are build alongside to the traditional attractions.

A must-do for everyone who loves height and speed!

Technical data of Praterturm

  • Elevation: 117 m
  • Tower height: 100 meters
  • Dome height: 17 m
  • Number of seats: 12 double seats
  • Foundation: 750 tons
  • Construction: 200 tons
  • Altitude: 95 m
  • Airspeed: 60 km/h
  • Flight radius: 36 meters
  • Screw approx.: 90,000 units
  • Up and down movement max 2.25 m/s
  • Spin star about 10 K rpm
  • Journey time: 3−4 minutes
  • Fare: 5 euro
  • Opening: May 1, 2010
Information without guarantee.

Praterturm — customer reviews

  1. Prater amusement park is great place for both young and old and the ride I enjoyed the most was the 117 metre prater tower, after the initial shock when rising and swinging into the headwind you start to look around and the views of Vienna are unreal. I am 66 yrs young and enjoyed the whole park and would recommend it to all.
  2. Fortunately, I like the more adventurous rides. On top of that, the Prater park is a beautiful place to walk around, outside of the funfair area. Have been here many times over the years and have seen rides come and go, but the ones that I remember from my childhood are the Riesenrad (big wheel) and the Geisterbahn (ghost train). The newest ride, since my last visit 3 years ago, is the Prater Turm. This is a 117m high tower with swing chairs, which are slowly twisted up the central pole to the top, whilst constantly turning. The view from the top is stunning, however, looking down is not advisable for the feint hearted. In fact, don’t go on this ride if at all afraid of heights. I just love this place, bustling with locals and tourists, the music, smells of the food from the many stalls and restaurants there. Fun for all ages. For eating, I thoroughly recommend the Schweitzerhaus. This is again a very busy gathering place, mainly frequented by locals. Booking is advisable in high season. The food is very good, the beer and wine flows as long as you keep asking for it, of course. I recommend the Steltz, which is a huge and delicious piece of roast pork on the bone, with the most amazing crackling. Definitely for sharing! Plenty of other food choices, including roast chicken, fish, schnitzel and plenty of tasty salad options.
  3. This is the closest you will get to time travel. Going back in time all the way to the real horse Carousel. Dont be confused, you will never forget this experience. p. s. Dont leave without eating at «schweizerhaus».

Carousel Praterturm («Tower of the Prater») is one of the last carousel built on the territory of the famous Prater, Vienna, Austria.

Carousel is a huge 117-meter post (approximately 33-storey building), topped with a giant hat in the shape of stars, rays that fasten chains with double seats. At the same time carousels Praterturm may 24 person.

The operating principle of the carousel is the simultaneous rotation and lifting."Passengers" have the feeling of flying at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour when the rise on height of 95 meters. Of course, Carousel is equipped with modern, indicating that you do not need to worry about security.

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