Seefeld is a resort that offers the visitor a good choice in skiing activities

Seefeld in Tyrol is a commune in Austria, in the Federal state of Tyrol. It is part of Innsbruck County. A population of 3028. It covers an area of 17.4 km. Seefeld is a ski resort.


Where on earth are you reading this article? Did you come by it by electronic means or conventional print? Is this the first time you have come across the name Seefeld. If you are familiar with Seefeld. Do you instantly picture it as one of the up — market hangouts for the rich and famous? Do you automatically link it in social circles with the likes of St. Moritz, Gstaad, Lech or Cortina? If not I am here to tell you dear reader that you should.

If you need reasons, here’s a few. For instance Seefeld has got it all when it comes to amenities. A dynamite selection of five star hotels, a first class gaming casino, a sophisticated but varied nightlife, a very reachable global position, world class cross country trails and splendid golf and other summer attractions. And what’s more the resort has, in my living memory, hosted no less than two Olympic games.

So why is it not a household name in the global circles of captains of industry and celebrities? Well, we have a theory. We think that Seefeld is in the market of providing the best, for the most discriminating visitors, on a quiet scale. We think that the area knows its clients want privacy as well as quality, and this is the place they can get it. Not everyone wants to flaunt it just because they 've got it.

Seefeld is a resort that offers the visitor a good choice in skiing activities both alpine and Nordic. And its development of non-ski, state of the art sporting facilities, in addition to one of the most formidable collection of first class hotels and restaurants on the globe, quarantee the visitor enjoyment and comfort.
The hosting of the Nordic events in two winter Olympics and one world championships, have Seefeld’s credentials firmly established on that score. However prospective visitors sometimes overlook Seefeld’s more than adequate recreational alpine skiing possibilities. Let’s have a look at them shall we?

There are two ski areas in Seefeld, serviced by 19 lifts and boosted by a whole host of sophisticated new snow making equipment. The skiing here is best suited to beginners and decent recreational intermediate a skiers, thus making Seefeld an excellent resort to improve your skills. To help you along the road to improvement, the ski school has 100 qualified English speaking instructors. The skiing on the Roshutte is the most challenging in the resort and ideal for the more serious and more experienced skier, but not the real expert.

It has skiable slopes which peak at the Seefelder Joch, at an altitude of just above 2,000m. The other area, the Gschwandtkopf id lower (1,500m) and is ideal for skiers with very little experience or confidence. There is also a superb total beginner’s area in the village, and an ample specially prepared and presented kindergarten area for kids. The area here in the village is now completely covered by snow making facilities, while the Rosshutte is covered form the Seefelder Joch to the Hermannstal, in addition to the slopes by the Kaltwasser lift.


If this selection is not enough for the real «hot shot» skiers in our audience, then possibly the offerings under the umbrella of the «Happy Ski Card» will be more to your liking. This card entitles the holder to ride 85 different ski lifts and cable cars covering the areas around the Zugspitz, on either side of the Austrian/German border. The resorts covered in addition to Seefeld and satellites are Garmisch, Lermoos, Berwang, Biberwier, Bichlbach, Heiterwang and Ehrwald, Oh yes, there are also more than 200 kilometers of well prepared and maintained cross country trails for your pleasure as well.

Still sizing up the winter scene, Seefeld has a complete range of non ski activities, something of which is sure to interest even the most difficult to please members of your party.

Internationally accepted resorts cannot rest on their laurels. and it is highly unlikely that they can be ranked at the top of the league table solely on the reputation — no matter how justifiable — of their winter sports facilities.

Seefeld in summer is, as the saying goes, as good as it gets. The golf course in Seefeld/Wildmoos, an 18 hole championship entry, is listed as one of the 100 most beautiful golf courses in the world.

If golf is not our game, perhaps tennis is, Twenty open air courts supplement the 8 indoor courts during the summer months. For swimmers Seefeld boasts three alpine lakes, a heated outdoor pool, and a sensational indoor pool, the Olympia. There is also a seemingly never ending selection of rafting. riding, paragliding, hiking, climbing and sight-seeing.

For those of you that are nocturnally inclined there are sufficient and varied restaurants, bars, discos and even gambling to please the most selective tastes.

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