Ski holiday: the recipe for a perfect holiday in Austria

If you’ve never been skiing in Austria — you are in for a treat. We offer a number of tips to save you time, money and perhaps some tears when embarking on your Austrian skiing or snowboarding holiday. Spend your weekend on a ski holiday!

ski holiday

General Ski Holiday Tips

Always use safety equipment

Many ski resorts now enforce the wearing of helmets for safety. Ensure that you rent or buy suitable ski safety equipment, as it is not only your own safety that is at stake when you are on a mountain ski-holiday.

Medical Insurance

Getting airlifted off the mountain and transported to hostpital can be a hugely-expensive proposition. Don’t take any chances! From as little as £15 per year, ski travel-insurance will give you cover most types of skiing or snowboarding accidents should you injure yourself on the pistes or in the snow-park!

Book well in advance, or last minute

The early bird catches the worm they say — and this can be said of ski-holidays too! Many groups and families choose to book their skiing holiday a year in advance of departute to ensure they get the biggest discounts and offers available.

When booking large groups, big savings can be made via offers such as free lift passes for the party leader or buy-one, get one free (or half-price) lift pass offers which can result in huge savings.

ski holiday

Booking your ski holiday late also has it’s own merits and can be a huge money-saver — due to the fact that many big ski tour operators bulk-buy flights and accommodation — and they need to fill it at whatever profit (or loss).

Book your apartments in advance!

Shopping around on last minute ski deal websites at the end of the season, one can usually find up to 50% saving on the same accommodation compared to at peak-season.

With Family

Avoid long transfers between airport and ski-resort

Long transfers can be tiresome — especially if you’ve decided to take young children on your ski holiday. Staying in ski-resorts in proximity to Austria’s main airports can save a lot of tears before bedtime.

ski holiday

Innsbruck airport is the magic-bullet here in terms of being easy to get to from the airport — and also has a whopping one hundred and seven ski resorts within 1 hours driving distance. Vienna Airport has seven ski resorts within 1 hour driving distance (subject to weather and traffic conditions), while Grazhas 15 easy to get to ski resorts for the same commute time.

Use a Specialist Travel Agent

If you really want some niche expertise, you should definitely use a ski-specific travel agent. Many ski-travel agents employ staff who have spent a few months working in Europe’s top ski-resorts in order to enable them to truly give first hand advice on where to stay, what to do, where to go and so on.

Rent a car — be independent

Independence doesn’t cost much — and if you’re would prefer to spend money on renting your own car rather than spending cash on resort-transfers and being bound to someone else’s clock — you can earn some extra breathing room by taking control of transportation yourself via car rental.

A week’s car rental isn’t as expensive as you might think — and many airlines will give you a discount if you use their chosen car partner. There’s also no shortage of UK-friendly car-rental companies in proximity to the main airports.

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