University of Applied Arts Vienna

The University of Applied Arts Vienna is home to more than 2,000 students, many of whom coming from other countries. The range of courses which are on offer is diverse and includes architecture, fine arts (painting, graphics, transarts, photography), stage design, design (fashion, graphic design, graphics and advertising, landscape design), industrial design, media design (transmedia arts, digital art), conservation and restoration, pedagogic studies for artistic teaching disciplines, textile design and handicrafts, art & science, creative writing.

University of Applied Arts Vienna

It is the diversity of these artistic disciplines which is supplemented by a large number of scientific subjects that contributes to the special atmosphere that prevails at the «Angewandte».

The basic concept of the university as a place of critical reflection and a forum where questions are more important than given patent solutions lives on at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. For all those interested in the university of the arts, especially potential applicants, the yearly Open House provides insights into life in the studios, workshops and labs of the Angewandte.

All departments offer expert talks, guided tours and presentations of projects, theses and films. Students and teachers are available for questions and talks and can give information about the entrance examinations, the study programmes and the curricula.

Quick Facts

  • founded in | 1867
  • number of teachers | 439
  • number of students | 2,000
  • percentage of foreign students | 40%


  1. Architecture
  2. Fine and Media Art
  3. Design
  4. Conservation and Restoration
  5. Arts and Society
  6. Art Sciences and Art Education
  7. Art and Technology
  8. Creative Writing
  9. Centre for Art & Knowledge Transfer
  10. Gender Art Lab
  11. Collection and Archive


The Essence

University of Applied Arts Vienna

The highlight of an academic year at the Angewandte is the annual exhibition «The Essence». «The Essence» showcases the origins and development processes of selected individual and group projects by students and graduates from the preceding winter and summer semesters.

They represent the various art departments as extraordinary idea workshops with their own unique profile. Together with lecturers and students curators organise an exhibtion of the most intriguing projects Architecture, Industrial Design, Fine Arts, Stage Design, Design, Conservation and Restoration, Media Art, and Language Art, staging them in a prominent museum context in Vienna: art as a seismograph of a changing society, as a form-giver of society, as an institution that provokes change.

Show Angewandte

The Show Angewandte — the fashion department’s show — has become one of the highlights of the Viennese fashion scene. Each June students present their collections. It displays around 200 of the outfits designed and sewn the previous semesters under the artistic guidance of the fashion instructor.

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Witty or experimental, clean lines or purism — originality is a must. Not least because of the continuous high quality of presented works and numerous successful graduates, including Bless, House of the very island’s, Petar Petrov, Ute Ploier.


University of Applied Arts Vienna
1010 Vienna | O. Kokoschka-Pl. 2
T +43 1 711 33−2160

Information about courses and entrance examinations
Bernhard Kernegger
T +43 1 71 133−2060
F +43 1 71 133−2069

Information about international exchange programmes
International Studies Office
Astrid Behrens
1010 Wien | Postgasse 6
T +43 1 71 133−3170
F +43 1 71 133−3179

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