University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna is one of the biggest and oldest universities of music and dramatic arts in the world. A charity concert given by noble society ladies in 1812 led to the foundation of a «Society of the Friends of Music» with the goal of promoting music in society.

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Finally, the «Konservatorium der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde» was founded in 1817. In 1851 the institution was turned into a government-supported conservatory and finally in 1998 was granted the status of a university.

The university offers an outstanding education in one of the most beautiful cities in the world — Vienna — with curricula ranging from instrumental studies, voice and voice performance, to acting in the Max Reinhardt Seminar, the Filmakademie, music education and research areas.

The university comprises 24 departments located in 20 buildings, some of which are architecturally and historically famous sites. The curriculum covers a wide array of subjects from classical to modern music, music education, dramatic arts, film and scientific subjects such as music sociology, ethnology and management.

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

The high quality of teachers and students has led to the university’s international reputation for artistic excellence. The high level of teaching and research is documented in more than 1,000 events a year organized by the university; among them numerous concerts in the university’s own concert halls, which combine historical styles with state-of-the-art acoustics, opera performances and theatre performances in Vienna’s oldest baroque theatre, the Schlosstheater Schönbrunn, owned by the university, church concerts in the 17th century church of St. Ursula, film festivals, symposiums, exhibitions and interdisciplinary events.

Quick Facts

  • number of teachers | more than 800
  • number of students | approx. 3,000


  1. Composition and Electro-Acoustics
  2. Conducting
  3. Music Analysis, Theory and History
  4. Keyboard Instruments
  5. String Instruments
  6. Leonard Bernstein Inst. for Wind and Percussion Instruments
  7. Joseph Haydn Inst. for Chamber Music and Special Ensembles
  8. Organ, Organ Research and Church Music
  9. Voice and Music Theatre
  10. Acting and Directing (Max Reinhardt Seminar)
  11. Film and Television (Film Academy Vienna)
  12. Music Education with focus on keyboard instruments, string instruments, wind and percussion instruments or voice
  13. Music and Movement Education and Music Therapy
  14. Musical Style Research
  15. Popular Music
  16. Anton Bruckner Inst. (music theory, aural training, ensemble direction)
  17. Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology
  18. Music Acoustics (Wiener Klangstil)
  19. Music Sociology
  20. Cultural Management and Cultural Studies


University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
1030 Vienna | Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1
T +43 1 71 155
F +43 1 71 155−199

Information about courses and entrance examinations
Department for Studies and Examinations
T +43 1 711 55−6900
F +43 1 711 55−6999

Information about international exchange programmes
International Office
T +43 1 71 155−7420
F +43 1 71 155−7429

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