University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Vetmeduni Vienna was founded in 1765 as «K. and K. Horse Curing and Operation School» by Empress Maria Theresia. Therefore it is the third-oldest Veterinary School in the world, the oldest in German-speaking countries and the only one in Austria.

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Our mission is teaching with care, research with vision and treatment with ambition. Vetmeduni Vienna looks back at a prosperous tradition and consistently continues this way by performing both ethically and ecologically specified services in teaching and research. Issues of food safety, animal husbandry and animal welfare, man and his natural environment, protection of the environment and biomedicine are in the focus of interest.

Our study programmes range at a high level of quality, approved by international evaluation. The primary research intention is to promote the development of veterinary sciences by aiming at holistic problem solutions. The animal hospital contributes ideally to teaching and research activities.

Quick Facts

  • founded in | 1765
  • number of students | 2,300
  • number of staff | 1,200
  • number of scientists | 650


  1. Biomedical Sciences
  2. Pathobiology
  3. Farm Animals and Veterinary Public Health
  4. Companion Animals and Horses
  5. Integrative Biology and Evolution
  6. Messerli Research Institute


Housing possibilities for students

Student Apartments Vetmeduni Vienna: single apartments providing a kitchenette, a bathroom and a furnished living space, room-cleaning service, WLAN, TV rooms, recreation rooms, laundry, fitness room, garage, corporate garden.

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Haus Donaufeld: rooms in double room apartments, common kitchens, roomcleaning service, TV and Internet connection, recreation rooms, fitness room, music room, party room, sauna, laundry, cafeteria. Pets are allowed!

University Library

Odest library with literature of veterinary medicine in German-speaking countries, specialist literature of veterinary medicine and other branches, journals and online database.

Audit «hochschuleundfamilie» («universityandfamily»)

The University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna is certified with the audit «university andfamily», which refers to arrangements provided by the university in order to ease compatibility of academic studies and family management.


University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna
Veterinaerplatz 1
1210 Vienna
T +43 1 25 077−0
F +43 1 25 077−1090

Information about international exchange programmes
International Relations Office
Dr. Ursula Schober
T +43 1 25 077−1107
F +43 1 25 077−1197
E ursula.

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  1. chanya tamada

    PhD positions in Population Genetics in Academia, Full Time, Life Sciences with University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna.

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    Educational and continuing education programmes that do not qualify as regular degree programmes are listed under «university courses», «internships and residencies» and «further educational programmes».

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    The University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna has expedited this opportunies.

  4. Ashot

    The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna is the only academic educational and research institution in Austria that focuses on the veterinary sciences, and at the.

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